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Welcome to The Immersive Learning Studio. We are a leading UK digital agency based in Liverpool. We work with progressive organisations to help their employees succeed through the application of creative and immersive learning experiences.

The learner is at the heart of everything that we do. Our goal is to create lasting behavioural change using thought provoking and mentally stimulating environments.

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Helping organisations
transform their learning

Bespoke eLearning 

Whether it’s a one-off rapid product update or a complete programme. Creating the perfect learning solution means really understanding what our clients want. Every solution is unique: expertly devised and passionately executed. The result. Pure creative excellence.

Augmented & Virtual Reality 

We use virtual learning environments and augmented reality to bring a new and exciting dimension to learning. Our experience in VR/AR/MR technologies allows us to present learning materials in an entirely new and exciting way, taking the learning experience to a completely new level.

Immersive experiences
that capture the imagination

Simulation & Role-Play 

Highly engaging role-play that is focused and relevant to business challenges. Either physically or in a simulated environment, we provide an interactive learning experience that helps learners apply what they know or have learned, in a robust, risk-free learning environment.


We use gamification to add motivational factors to the learning experience. This game-related technique creates curiosity and keeps employees engaged in the learning process for longer. Our customers who proactively invest in gamification are seeing tangible results without a doubt.


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