Airbus Chooses The Immersive Learning Studio

May 13, 2024Bespoke elearning

Airbus, a global leader in aerospace, is experiencing exciting growth. Its U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama, is a significant employer in the state and is on the path to adding 1,000 employees to its workforce. To ensure a smooth onboarding process and continued development for both new and existing staff, Airbus sought to revamp its digital training programmes.

The training refresh had to tackle several key challenges.

With a rapidly expanding workforce, Airbus needed to standardise its e-learning materials across a broad range of topics, from safety protocols to leadership skills. Additionally, these modules had to be engaging and compelling, catering to diverse learning styles and accommodating remote or temporary employees.

Airbus selected The Immersive Learning Studio through a competitive bidding process for this critical project. Our expertise in creating high-quality, SCORM-compliant e-learning modules made us a perfect fit; our focus on standardisation and user experience ensured consistency and engagement for all learners.

We are proud to be the creative agency of choice for developing a comprehensive suite of interactive training modules designed specifically for Airbus’ needs. These modules will address the core curriculum and include a captivating safety briefing animation for visitors to the Mobile facility.

The project is well underway, with multiple engaging e-learning modules already delivered and many more in the pipeline.

Airbus’ investment in e-learning is a prime example of how innovation can empower a growing workforce. The Immersive Learning Studio’s commitment to quality and customisation has provided Airbus with the tools they need to equip their employees with the knowledge and skills to reach new heights.