Immersive Events for Alder Hey Hospital

Mar 16, 20212 min read

The Immersive Learning Studio has recently delivered a fully-featured 3D Immersive Learning & Virtual Events pilot in under 2 weeks.

Demand for virtual events has seen unprecedented growth recently and like a lot of organisations, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool has been researching ways to connect with its event audiences during the lockdown.

We were excited to demonstrate to the senior management team how we would tackle the brief of taking their physical events online. We worked with the team to highlight the main issues with video-based “virtual” events.

The problem with using video conferencing such as zoom or Teams for virtual events is that it feels no different from work; everybody has exactly the same 2-dimensional view; there is no user-centred experience; nothing unique to remember or recall. This is akin to watching a movie of a conference vs actually being there. The problem being experienced at Alder Hey is echoed across many sectors. Zoom Fatigue has set it.

With so many events going virtual and Zoom fatigue becoming the norm, we’re experiencing a need to push past traditional 2D platforms in an effort to provide fuller immersion and engagement.

Our solution was a 3D event and training platform that offers true immersive spaces, created from 3D building blocks and allowing for free movement within a virtual environment.

The users can access the virtual event safely and securely to collaborate, engage, learn and connect! Not just with a VR headset but also via multiple devices, including smartphones and laptops, allowing for differing levels of immersion within the same event or experience.

We delivered a fully-featured 3D Immersive Learning & Virtual Events pilot in under 2 weeks.