360° VR Filming

We create 360° Virtual Experiences in an immersive, engaging and captivating way. Our unique remote-control camera robot can quietly traverse through open spaces with a minimum amount of disruption – recording beautiful 360° footage along the way.

Project Title

360° VR Filming


  • Unity
  • 3D Modelling
  • Instructional Design
  • Graphic Design
  • 360°

Our recent project at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is a great example of this. Using our 360 Degree camera robot we traversed the entrance, atrium and key locations throughout the hospital. This footage was used in the exclusive AlderPlay app, on their main website and for training. Our work included:

Expert VR direction and cinematography, captured using our custom-designed 360° camera robot.

Content viewable from anywhere in the world, from any device; computer, tablet, smartphone, VR or Google headsets.

Fully immersive experiences with moving 360° video. Capturing the actual customer journey in real time.

Multilevel interactive experience map. This helps users to navigate around various points of interest.

Our broad expertise in digital media has led to the development of our own, custom-built 360° camera robot; which allows us to capture fully-immersive, totally unique footage of your company or place of interest.


We worked closely with the client to understand and plan exactly what they wanted users to get out of their VR experience. Once all planning and compliance were complete, we began filming.


We filmed previously agreed points of interest. This was done in one day. All 360° degree footage is stitched together in our studios, bringing the Alder Hey virtual environment to life in less than 2 weeks.


The 360° Virtual Reality experience was hosted by us, with instances hosted by the client, and came with its own interactive map. The overall Alder Hey VR experience can be viewed in VR headsets and on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Considering 360° VR Filming? Think of the possibilities...

Health and Safety training – employees can travel through a space using 360° imagery and identify hazards as they emerge around them.

Train your sales team on the features of a new product wherever they are before the product is produced.

Use the enhances immersion to allow employees to experience high-pressure situations in a safe environment so they can learn to handle them correctly in real life.

Tour Corporate HQ from anywhere as part of an induction programme.