Virtual Reality Visual Performance Management

Virtual Reality Visual Performance Management for Operational Excellence. Helping to solve the problem of geographically dispersed teams in Manufacturing, Process and Operational Excellence sectors.

Using the latest VR software and hardware technologies we have created a Virtual Reality Obeya room in the cloud, helping people see the bigger picture, keeping decision-making visual and contextual.

Project Title

Virtual Reality Visual Performance Management


  • Unity
  • 3D Modelling
  • Instructional Design
  • Graphic Design

The Virtual Reality Obeya is a collection of digital visual management boards that will help bridge the gap for remote teams who rely on visual performance management techniques, to help drive decision-making. This means anyone with a suitable VR headset can make informed business decisions from anywhere.

It is an exact replica of the real Project Management Office but existing in a virtual environment. It can be deployed in instances where a current Project Management Office exists or, where a company is in the early stages of laying out their visual performance management boards.

The digital visual management boards update themselves  using cloud technology and synchronises the metrics at the same time when the physical performance board is updated.  As a sheet of paper is printed off to replace a KPI on the physical board, it immediately updates the same sheet on the virtual board.

Remote teams who are spread across the country, or based in various plant locations currently rely on different methods to present or discuss KPIs. The success of this is usually dependant on the person who is presenting the information. For the recipient; at best it’s a slideshow of spreadsheets, jumping backwards and forwards in a screen-sharing session to pull up the right metric – driven by the flow of the conversation.

This goes against the true meaning of the term Obeya, which is Japanese for a dedicated room which is set aside for employees to meet and make decisions about a specific topic or problem.

In our VR PMO, you feel like you are in the actual place – the next best thing to Gemba! Bringing all of the benefits you would normally get from visiting the real project management office/Obeya, such as being able to see the bigger picture.

And last but not least, the Virtual Project Management Office doesn’t have to be a lonely place. With a suitable headset and Wifi connectivity, you can hold daily, weekly or monthly meetings with remote teams from anywhere in the world. Invite a team member and watch them appear next to you at the virtual performance management board.

We are now offering our VR PMO to organisations who use visual performance management in their daily work and are considering digital visual management boards. Whilst the VR PMO is cutting edge, it talks the exact language of Generation Z, the fresh-faced, straight-out-of-training cohort, guaranteed to be even more digitally disruptive than their Millennial counterparts in the world of work and learning.

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