Immersive Experience


Envea leads in delivering high-precision environmental management solutions, committed to protecting people and the planet. The company specialises in aiding worldwide entities to comply with environmental regulations and improve industrial processes. Envea effectively reduces ecological impacts while boosting efficiency.

The aim of the project was to create an innovative VR experience that effectively showcased Envea’s commitment to sustainability and their role in environmental monitoring at a major trade exhibition.

Envea aimed to stand out at a major trade exhibition, not just by participating, but by creating a memorable impact on those who visited their stand. Our task was to develop an innovative VR experience that would captivate the attendees and effectively communicate Envea’s role in promoting sustainability within their industry.

The Challenge

Envea’s aspiration was a riveting VR journey: a flight over industrial chimneys, ascending stacks, and interacting with innovative emission monitors. While ambitious, the concept posed questions concerning budget allocations and the clarity of the fundamental message. For Envea, the journey isn’t about the virtual thrill of chimney climbing. It’s a heartfelt devotion to sustainability and a ceaseless effort to combat climate change through innovative emissions monitoring. Our task was to ensure the immersive experience genuinely reflected Envea’s core values and commitments.

Our Solution

Drawing on our expertise in immersive learning, we curated an alternative vision. Sidestepping an energy-intensive VR escapade, we designed a tranquil passage through gently-lit infinite space. Guiding lights led attendees onward, allowing an evocative 3D audio-visual narrative to unfold, away from the bustling trade show.

Utilising sophisticated AI technology, we emulated the voice of a prominent figure allied with sustainability and climate action. A touching story evolved, exposing the vast impacts of climate change, and highlighting the connection between sustainability and conscientious manufacturing practices.

Video screens subtly emerged, depicting our planet’s fragility and weaving a tale that each viewer could relate to personally. The experience was streamlined and focused on the user, inviting attendees to embark on this journey without the complexities commonly associated with VR at exhibitions.


In a narrative lasting a mere 10 minutes, the immersive experience profoundly touched its audience. Employing the power of emotional storytelling coupled with VR’s enchantment, we communicated Envea’s dedication to sustainability and its vision of a greener future. Through this initiative, we demonstrated our in-depth understanding of client values, and our ability to translate these into meaningful, impactful immersive learning experiences that resonate with audiences and effect real, substantive change.