Interactive Images

Sharing in Growth

Sharing in Growth [SiG] is an ambitious transformation training & development programme. Its objective is to raise the capability of UK aerospace suppliers, in order to share in the growth of global aerospace markets, as well as other international sectors.

Having recently completed the design and build of the SiG Learning Platform, as part of a world-class training programme for our Client; The Immersive Learning Studio were engaged to create a series of content to be housed within the Teaching Points area of this Learning Platform.

In order to achieve the strong growth ambitions shared by SiG’s major beneficiaries, it was vital for our Client to set consistent standards throughout their manufacturing processes. This would be done through engaging learning content, delivered within various sections on the training platform.

Initially, we were presented with a graphic/poster displaying one of the key manufacturing environments; the Lighthouse Cell. Our Design team were tasked with the digital replication of this detailed environment, as a single still image. The aim of the graphic was to help employees familiarise themselves with the various workstations and the individual processes before entering the Cell.

After brainstorming our initial thoughts, we came up with the idea to evolve this visual into a more interactive environment, that would allow the user to explore and navigate around the Cell, exploring various hotspots.

Designing an interactive image, with clickable features/icons and graphics, would improve engagement levels and help to extend site visit duration – in turn leading to a richer, more beneficial learning experience for users.

With so much information behind each workstation, and a wide range of technical equipment and industry terms to get to grips with, a single image could risk becoming overcrowded with information.

Using H5P, a content collaboration framework based on Javascript, we were able to, instead, store this level of information in a much more engaging format.

Integrating a range of interactive hotspots enabled more detailed content to be contained neatly within the relevant areas of the environment, allowing the user to browse and navigate through the various elements at their own pace, whilst easily accessing and digesting information.

Incorporating on-brand themes in our design detail, such as company colours, SiG uniforms, and branded equipment, helped us to achieve a high level of accuracy in our replication. Not being within the real-life environment proved challenging at times, however, working closely with the Client and regularly referring to photography and brand guidelines helped us to mirror the Cell as closely as possible.

As a result of the success of the interactive image, we are now working with SiG to evolve the environment again, into a Virtual Reality experience that will allow users to immerse themselves into the environment – experiencing a 360 view through a VR headset.