JB Leitch Agile Learning Platform

JB Leitch

JB Leitch are a top 500 legal firm based in Liverpool City Centre. The company do work on behalf of landlords and property management companies and guarantee fast, experienced arrears collection services, along with technical expertise in heavyweight litigation and a raft of complementary real estate services.

The firm’s Learning & Development manager discovered The Immersive Learning Studio whilst seeking local suppliers who they could turn to as an additional resource for the production of their training videos. We presented our complete range of services, along with our integrated Agile Learning Platform, and consequently were asked to present this to their senior team, as a solution for their digital training.

There was an immediate interest from JB Leitch in exploring the possibilities of using our platform as an agile Learning Management System. This would allow them to roll out all of their training materials across the company.

At the time, JB Leitch didn’t have a Learning Management System for a number of reasons. Our solution was the perfect platform to solve that problem.



The company had recently invested in training videos to add to their employee induction and ongoing leadership development resources. However, all of this valuable training information was held in many locations and across a number of different network drives. The result was fragmented learning that wasn’t optimised for the user experience.

In addition, not everyone in the company had to undertake the same training. Employees were spread across different departments and were at different stages in their employment. This meant that each employee had different training needs.

The result of this meant that development opportunities were not maximised, and the return on investment of producing video training content was in jeopardy of never being realised.

In short, the learning and development task was firmly on the shoulders of each departmental manager, with very little system support.

The Solution

The integrated Agile Learning Platform was a perfect solution to address the problems that JB Leitch were facing. It is an extremely agile platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of learning materials. It addressed the primary reason the company had not used any form of Learning Management System, as the scale of the task was perceived to be high.

We demonstrated how other companies managed their learning and development needs using our integrated Agile Learning Platform, in a way that supported employee induction, onboarding and daily training needs.

Within 4 weeks we submitted a platform loaded with their initial training material, segmented into topics, ready to go. It was then a straight-forward process of JB Leitch adding more topics and more training content, using the simple content management system.

We supported the team at JB Leitch with any changes that were required to the front-end, user section, and also included bespoke reporting and administration functionality, such as team leader level reporting and global notifications which allows the managers to send direct notifications via either the group feed or one to one.

Finally, in order to futureproof the learning platform, we added xAPI (Experience xAPI) user tracking which would enable our client to report every learning event that each employee undertook, and use it for providing tailored learning or to update the skills matrix at employee level and as an aggregation across the company.


The company now has a system that consolidates, embeds, and improves the employee learning experience.

It also assists with embedding knowledge and rationale behind a process methodology, whilst engaging employees at a pace that matches their needs. It is early days to report specific results, but as we have seen with other clients who have adopted this agile approach, it is proven to offer the best outcome with regards to embedding and sustaining the transfer of knowledge.


  • Easy to use, with just the right amount of technology: Rich media, engaging interactivity, email communication and a certificate of completion.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Fully optimised for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Closed loop feedback: Quizzes, surveys and feedback forms allow managers to check delegate progress and confirm understanding of what is being asked of the employee.
  • Rapid deployment: Content can be converted to rich media in 4 weeks. A complete bespoke platform, ready to use in as little as 8 weeks.
  • Centralisation: Online portal where communications, course materials and discussions can now be kept centrally.