Lean Office Workflow Simulation


This project was for our client ETAC who are based in Dublin, Ireland. ETAC are Lean Business Training Consultants. The company provide a range of lean business training programmes and had been looking for a suitable replacement for their current solution.

After researching potential lean manufacturing simulations online, the company approached The Immersive Learning Studio after discovering our Lean Manufacturing Simulation.

ETAC had previously used a system that was created in-house using a number of proprietary software solutions bolted together. Using this system created a slightly fragmented approach and presented some challenges that the company were looking to overcome.

Our solution was to create a bespoke integrated simulation built in a 3D world that represented the offices of a fictitious virtual pharmaceutical company. The fictitious company has a hard-working team but they lack a clear sense of direction on how to improve.

The fictitious company faces serious threats from competition that is outperforming them, in-service reliability and deliverability. The inability of the order management and supply chain to get the goods out to customers has now seriously affected financial performance.

The fictitious company is operating in a high growth sector of the market and opportunities for growth are in abundance. The company has heard of other competitors who have invested in lean principles to help them and to challenge their conventional thinking, whilst also effective changes to processes and operations. The objective of the simulation is to put the ownership on all team players to now bring about the change and leadership required to turn the company around.

All of the above takes place in the metaverse. A 3D virtual environment that is populated by avatars who each represent a role within the fictitious company. Our client can control each scenario through a master dashboard set up which also enables gameplay simulation for up to 12 players who represent fictitious employees.

The end result was a complete turnkey solution and the Worlds first metaverse lean simulation utilising this technology, within this sector.