Rolls-Royce HSE Online Training


The Immersive Learning Studio has worked with Rolls-Royce on a number of successful initiatives involving the Learning and Development teams, including the Global Ethics Department.

It was due to the success of these previous projects that we were requested to tender for this new programme, involving an online interactive HSE Guide.

Rolls-Royce pioneer cutting-edge technologies that deliver the cleanest, safest and most competitive solutions. The company combines distinct engineering disciplines to produce state-of-the-art electromechanical and hybrid power systems, and was the first to use sensors, over 20 years ago, to collect live, commercial data, allowing real-time engine health monitoring.

With the rapid pace of digitalisation, the company recognises there are substantial and wide-ranging opportunities in embedding digital technology, which is why a key objective for Rolls-Royce is to be digital-first in everything they do.

The Challenges

Following a successful bid, we were selected to deliver this new Learning & Development project, working directly with the Head of HSE – Corporate Functions to design and build a fully interactive online HSE Guide. The company has many thousands of employees and contractors who work offsite. These workers require a reliable resource of information to ensure their health, safety and wellbeing is protected at all times whilst working offsite.

While this vital information previously existed, it was in many forms and required access from within the corporate network. Another challenge was that this information was classed as ‘corporate learning’ and was located within the formal Learning and Development system. This meant that the content was not accessible for anyone without the correct level of permission and login details.

Furthermore, the training content that was currently available in the system was mostly outdated and not suitable for the current needs of employees. The company had a priority to ensure that the right information was provided to their employees and their contractors, at the required time. The consequence of not having this information readily available meant that some employees and contractors had no accessible resource they could turn to, as an aid to memory.

In addition to the problems with outdated learning materials, there were also technical challenges that needed to be overcome. The objective was to make the new Rolls-Royce offsite workers HSE Guide available to everyone, online, regardless of location or device.

The Solution

The Immersive Learning Studio created an online interactive guide which engages Rolls-Royce offsite workers with critical HSE information, to help them stay safe at all times while working offsite. The new online guide contains pertinent information that is aligned to the Certified to Operate Training, which all employees and contractors would have previously completed. The goal of the online HSE Guide is to act as a quick reference to, and a reminder of, safe working practices when working offsite.

The project began with brainstorming meetings held directly with the Client at Rolls-Royce, Derby. We started by defining the course objectives and the outline structure of the programme, before agreeing on the project timescales and discussing the available resources. One of the outputs of this planning meeting was that a need to complement the online interactive version of the Guide with a downloadable version in PDF format was identified. It was determined that the offline Guide would act as a ‘style guide’ and roadmap, as part of the agile iterative design process.

Our Client provided us with access to download all of the current materials from the Learning Management System, that we had identified as possible valuable sources for the new HSE Guide. We then began creating the style guide and layouts based on the information and materials that we received. Our instructional designers, teaming up with our content manager, carefully worked through the content and addressed any areas of concern. Additional information was then fed back into our designs. We repeated this process until we had one completed section of the new guide.

Alongside the static design pages, we also created the interactive version, using Articulate Storyline 360. This enabled the Client to observe the exact details and level of functionality that we were planning to use throughout the course. Each phase was submitted to the internal project teams and any additional iterations were communicated to our design team. Following the completion of each section, we moved the static design into an interactive online module. We repeated this process until each of the sections were completed.

A suitable domain name was then identified and we worked closely with the IT department for Rolls-Royce HQ, in London, to obtain this domain name. This was then transferred under our management. We then created the web-space on our secure dedicated server. This provided us with a secure test environment for the project build, and has now moved to the live access point for the HSE Guide Online.

The Result

Our initial prototype was launched and online within 8 weeks, following confirmation of designs. The various modules followed the same cyclical design process and the whole programme was completed in 12 months. We worked closely with the Rolls-Royce team on this project, throughout the whole development period.

Midway through the project, we received glowing feedback from Rolls-Royce on our instructional design skills. Our designs were passed around and admired by a number of people within the organisation. This resulted in additional sub-projects involving a series of infographics and information posters for the Management Information Service team.

The client is extremely happy with the overall result that we have delivered to them. They now have an updated and fully interactive online guide, which provides Rolls-Royce offsite workers with critical HSE information to help them stay safe at all times, while working away from Rolls-Royce sites.

The HSE Guide Online is fully optimised for all devices, including mobile phones, and is accessible by employees and sub-contractors from anywhere in the world. In addition, the online Guide is supported by a version in downloadable PDF format.

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