Learning Hub

Sharing in Growth

Sharing in Growth is a transformation programme aiming to raise the capability of UK aerospace suppliers. The Immersive Learning Studio created a learning platform and content for their employees, delivery partners and beneficiary teams.

Training is a key part of the programme and this training needs to be accessible anywhere, at any time. TiLS catered to this need by providing a browser application where learners can join and complete courses via any device with a browser.

The Sharing in Growth Learning Hub is designed to support the Sharing in Growth concentrated training and development programmes. It is a browser application, fully optimised for all smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs and Macs.

At its core, the Learning Hub is a cloud-based portal which holds all learning and development information relating to the Sharing in Growth programme. Every SiG employee and delivery partner has dedicated access to the hub.

Other company users can register for access. Once approved, they will become a member of the Learning Hub and will have access to all of the app’s content.

The My Learning section was included to quickly show all training courses to the user. We also included a nice feature to help users find their way back to their learning. If the user leaves the hub midway through a course, they can quickly resume activity by clicking “Take Me To Where I Left Off.”

Another great feature is the digital notebook, to capture moments of inspiration on the fly. Users can access this by clicking the note button whilst in any area of the hub, make a note then hit save. All notes are stored in My Learning and can be printed or converted to a word document.

One of the great features of the SiG Learning Hub is the ability to be rewarded for engagement. In the “Earned Points” section, users can earn points for general engagement, eg. reading core learning subjects, reading a case study, or even logging in regularly.

If a user navigates around the different sections such as “Programmes”, “Teach Points” and “Case Studies”, they will see core learning information, supporting tools such as teachpoints, and be able to read about success stories from other learners on the programme. There is also a “Download” section for easily sharing documents with learners.

At the centre of the Hub is the Learner. We understand that people stay connected when they feel connected. This is why we have provided a facility for enabling connectivity, either personally, through closed groups, or between individual beneficiaries in open groups, or even one-to-one notifications.

The SiG Learning Hub provides a number of administrative supporting features for its users, whether setting some homework following a visit or to check on user progress prior to the next visit. Managers can see how their beneficiaries are actually engaging with their content and is a great way to leverage the momentum, or to switch focus in areas that they may need additional support.

The SiG Learning Hub can also be used by the company to communicate to its user base and teams as a whole or individually, through email notifications or direct message notifications. Everything is trackable and all in one place.