Tronox VR Hazard Hunting


We recently embarked on a groundbreaking project with Tronox, a leader in mining and processing critical minerals. The objective? To enhance the safety training of Tronox’s workforce using advanced virtual reality (VR) technologies. The result of this innovative collaboration was ‘Tronox Hazard Hunting’—a bespoke VR safety application designed to meet the unique needs of Tronox’s operational environment.

Virtual reality is well-proven in various sectors as a powerful way to offer immersive and interactive experiences that traditional methods cannot match. In the context of safety training, VR provides a unique platform where employees can engage in realistic scenarios without facing actual risks. This technology is particularly beneficial in high-stakes industries like mining, where the safety of the workforce is paramount.

Tronox is a leader in the mining industry, specialising in the extraction and processing of titanium ore, zircon, rare earths, and other critical materials. The company is renowned for producing titanium dioxide pigment, speciality-grade titanium dioxide products, and high-purity titanium chemicals. The company previously faced some safety challenges, particularly when workers transitioned between different areas of its expansive production sites.

The unfamiliarity with new locations within Tronox’s vast operational landscape often heightened the risk of accidents due to unrecognised hazards. These risks not only endangered employee well-being but also impacted operational efficiency. Traditional training methods were proving insufficient in preparing employees for the complexities and dangers of their work environment.

To address these challenges, we developed ‘Tronox Hazard Hunting,’ a VR application that immerses employees in virtual settings reflective of their actual work environment. This tool allows employees to practice identifying potential hazards in a risk-free manner, enhancing their preparedness and confidence. The VR application has become a cornerstone of Tronox’s safety training programme, providing an engaging and practical learning experience without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Key Benefits of VR Training

  • Enhanced Engagement: VR technology captivates users, making the training process more engaging and effective.
  • Improved Cognitive Connections: Immersive experiences enhance memory retention, ensuring employees remember and apply safety protocols.
  • Realistic Scenarios: Custom-built scenarios mimic real-world conditions, making the training highly relevant to Tronox’s specific environments.
  • Risk-Free Learning: Employees can practice hazard identification without real-world consequences, fostering a safer working environment.

Rapid Development and Deployment

The development of the ‘Tronox Hazard Hunting’ application was completed within three months. The process involved meticulous planning, storyboarding, filming, coding, and the final deployment of the application onto Tronox’s VR headsets.

This collaboration between The Immersive Learning Studio and Tronox showcases the transformative power of virtual reality in enhancing workplace safety. ‘Tronox Hazard Hunting’ not only addresses the specific challenges faced by Tronox but also sets a new benchmark for safety training in the mining industry. By leveraging VR technology, The Immersive Learning Studio has provided an innovative, effective, and engaging solution that prioritises the safety and well-being of employees.

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