Web-Based Lean Simulation for TMI

Jul 30, 20201 min read

We are excited to announce that The Manufacturing Institute have chosen The Immersive Learning Studio for the development of a unique web-based lean simulation game.


The Manufacturing Institute has a proven track record of helping manufacturing businesses make significant and lasting improvements to their businesses through education, training and onsite support services.

The company has a wealth of manufacturing expertise gained from working with and listening to thousands of companies.



The Manufacturing Institute chose us to design and build a unique online simulation game that could be played by remote learners, as part of the company’s virtual training programmes. The game is designed to be used to train lean concepts to delegates remotely, using a continuous improvement approach that focuses on the elimination of nonvalue added activities.

There are a number of physical in-person/group lean simulation games available at the moment, however, very few of these are digital games and none of them take advantage of modern, digital multiplayer technologies that can be used to support the teaching and learning activities of Lean philosophies across remote teams.

We’re excited to bring cutting edge game development technologies to Lean Manufacturing. Stay tuned!