Why Instructor – Led Training is (Still) Essential

Jan 17, 20224 min read

Digital innovations are excellent aids in your learning plan, but nothing beats the clarity and engagement learners receive from face-to-face instructor-led training.


Interaction between instructors and learners is essential to having learners fully understand the material. Any questions can be put forward and answered easily, and additional help is easily provided through instructor-led training.

Instructor-led training lends itself to active discussions about the learning material better than any other training method. Participants often retain more knowledge when interacting face-to-face, and learning with colleagues can solidify the team relationship.

Techniques like microlearning allow learners to learn at their own pace, but remove the social aspect from learning. This is a missed opportunity because the brain engages more readily with other people.

Learners can also rely on support from other learners in this setting. They can learn from each other, and remind each other of the content of the course after the fact. They can also rely on the structured nature of classroom-based learning to encourage regular learning.



The main peril of microlearning is the loss of momentum, so having a set time to learn and having others there to enforce it can help restore that momentum. Learning plans that incorporate both classroom-based learning and microlearning often find an uptake in uses of the microlearning app within 48 hours of their last lesson.

The nature of your training is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when creating a training plan. For example, when training factory employees on operating a piece of equipment, you would need to include practical training so employees can see and use the equipment themselves. In this scenario, instructor-led training is essential, either by itself or as a foundation to a more comprehensive training plan. Additionally, this style of instructor-led training is extremely useful to kinaesthetic learners.

Advancements in learning have enabled us to teach and learn more effectively, but they don’t have to replace more traditional forms of teaching. Instructor-led training has evolved alongside newer techniques and is just as viable an option as others. When used in conjunction with newer style of training, instructor-led training can be an excellent building block for a highly effective training plan.