Integrated Agile Learning Platform

Powerful Course Builder

Our course builder makes course creation a snap, and lets you create courses and optimise training materials for all of your employees’ training needs.

Group Management

 Managing users, groups, and roles can be a tedious task; which is why we provide simple but powerful functionality to group management.

Advanced Quizzing

You’ll be hard pushed to find an alternative solution that gives you more options for question creation, quiz delivery methods, and post-quiz results displays!

Drip-Feed Content

Schedule the delivery of your training to employees in stages. Break up existing online training courses into bite-size, digestible pieces.

Flexible Prerequisites

Administrators can establish rules related to a user’s position, user group membership or training history to specify eligibility requirements.

Dynamic Forums

Using a discussion forum in your learning management system (LMS) is a great way to introduce a social component to learning.

Learning Record Store

Our LRS is the heart of your learning ecosystem. Store and analyse data based on any type of online or offline learning activity.


We’ve introduced Gamification into our LMS to keep learners motivated and learning for longer. Award points for completing courses and to unlock new ones.

Certificates & Badges

Drive user engagement and participation in a course, helping to build a sense of pride and achievement in learners as they progress through their training.

A cloud-based learning management system.

At its core, the integrated Agile Learning Platform is a cloud-based portal which holds all learning and development information relating to corporate training, learning and development programmes.

Embeds learning

Moves information into long-term memory

Tracks participants understanding

Acts as a resource portal

Why top-performing organisations use our integrated Agile Learning Platform

If you’re looking to own your own learning platform, rather than “rent space”, then you’re in luck. Not only is our integrated Agile Learning Platform packed full of industry-leading features, once we hand-over the “keys” to your platform it becomes under your complete ownership, supported by us as, when, and if required.

Users register for access via your unique URL or uploaded through the admin panel. Once approved, they will become a member of your dedicated Learning Platform and will have access to specific content, as determined by the course administrator.

"The integrated Agile Learning Platform was used as a key tool in bringing our new standard operating system to each site across Europe. The content, layout and user-friendliness ensured that the rollout was a success!"

John Mahon, Executive Head of Operations – Lufthansa Technik

Administration Features

User Profiles

Users are able to create enhanced user profiles where they can upload photos and send messages.

Email Notifications

Automatic email triggers for onboarding and to increase learner engagement.

Group Management

Course administrators can place users into groups and allow others to manage them.

Detailed Reporting

Quickly run reports on user enrolment, progress, and quiz performance.

Assignment Management

Manage and tailor individual assignments based on learner or group requirements.

Expire Access

Provide learning deadlines or interim learning. Access can be removed after a specified amount of time.

Integrated Agile Learning - Embed, Involve, Monitor, Review

The integrated Agile Learning Platform is designed to support corporate training and development. It is a browser application, fully optimised for all smart phones, tablets, notebooks, PC’s and Macs.

Any type of content can be added to your Learning Platform; News articles, FAQ’s, Blogs, Case Studies, eLearning, downloadable documents, etc. This is where integration works at its best. The integrated Agile Learning Platform can also be used to communicate directly to your users and groups as a whole or individually, through email notifications or direct message notifications. Everything is trackable and all in one place.

Who uses our Learning Management System

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